Local Attraction

Local Attraction

Corniche Jeddah

Right in front of the hotel, take a stroll on the corniche, a vibrant cultural spot filled with recreational areas, Children's Water Park, and places for fishing.

Fakieh Aquarium

Take your children to Fakieh Aquarium, where they can enjoy and learn about the beautiful species that live within the heart of the Red Sea. This aquarium promises a fun-filled yet educational trip for children and adults alike. For the latest information on aquarium opening times, head to fakiehaquarium.com.

Al Shallal Theme Park

Head over with your family to Al Shallal Theme Park for some quality time and a rush of adrenaline. The park is famous for its exciting drop towers, ice-skating rink, and double-looped roller coaster. For more information and tickes http://alshallal.com.sa

Historic Al-Balad

Al-Balad consists of various Souqs, houses with old designs and architecture that are a true reflection of ancient Saudi culture. The most popular and the oldest building still standing is Al Naseef House.

King Fahad Fountain

King Fahad Fountain is the tallest and most captivating landmark in the city. This iconic fountain jets saltwater from the Red Sea and uses more than 500 spotlights to illuminate it at night.